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As schools around the United States prepare for the return of in-person classes for the 2021-2022 year, there are a number of unique factors to consider. With the COVID-19 pandemic still remaining an ongoing challenge, it is more important than ever for school leaders to adequately prepare. Part of the preparation efforts should focus on the leadership team’s core beliefs and values, as this will help build a strong strategy for the new school year.

Establish Clear Goals

One of the first and most important tips for building a strong leadership team is to establish clear and achievable goals. This time should be used to create a plan of action for the upcoming school year and determine what adjustments need to be made to classrooms. Due to the ongoing concern related to COVID-19, having a strong plan in place before kids return to school will help make for a smoother, more efficient transition back to in-person learning. Additionally, it will be beneficial to outline the teachers’ and students’ expectations for the new year. It will be crucial to have these types of details determined as early as possible. 

Crowdsource Your Teachers For Insight

Another important tip is to crowdsource your teachers for as much insight as possible. There may be instances where an idea presented in a meeting sounds like a good idea in theory but does not translate well in practice. This is where teachers can step in and provide input. They can provide feedback on running ideas, as well as provide ideas of their own. Getting this information may be especially helpful when setting up classrooms, with COVID-19 in mind.

Collect Feedback On A Regular Basis

Once a plan of action has been determined, it will be important to make time to collect feedback on a regular basis. The feedback should not only be collected from the leadership team but from teachers and administrators as well. By gaining feedback from a variety of sources, you will have the information needed to make any necessary changes. 

Lead Your Employees By Example

Lastly, it is important to lead by example with your employees. If you are implementing new rules, commit to them as a leader. Leading by example can help get others on board with the changes and provide an example for how to abide by the changes. Teachers and administrators of the schools will be encouraged to follow when the leaders are working in the same manner. 

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