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Heath Morrison


About Heath Morrison, Superintendent

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Heath Morrison is an education leader and award-winning superintendent with experience in both the private and public sectors. To date, Heath has worked as a teacher, vice principal, principal, and superintendent at some of the most underperforming schools across the country, demonstrating positive educational change and leadership in all of his roles. Heath Morrison currently serves as Superintendent at Montgomery Independent School District.

In his recent position as the President of the McGraw-Hill School Group, he oversaw one of the largest K-12 education companies in the country with over 1,400 employees and an annual revenue in excess of $650 million. He previously served as Chief Sales Officer and spent two years as the Senior Vice President of Educational Policy and Government Affairs for the company. To Heath, whether or not he is working in the private or public sector of education, his sole responsibility has always been to support and empower educators so that students have the best academic environment possible.

Heath Morrison’s career in education was inspired by the commitment shown to him by teachers in his own life. As a child in a military family, Heath experienced many moves and various schools. A transition to England and an English school proved the most challenging, as their curriculum vastly differed from anything he had previously experienced. When his family eventually moved back to the states, Heath found himself significantly behind academically. He was placed in corrective courses and became frustrated and angry at his poor grades. 

However, teachers stepped in and became the leaders Heath needed to succeed. He went on to graduate high school with honors and was the first member of his family to attend college. Though he initially pursued a degree in government with the intent to go to law school, two education classes he attended made him realize that his future was in teaching, learning, and leading. To this day, he feels as if he is indebted to the teachers who helped him find his way. Heath Morrison pledged to honor them through his own teaching and, later during his time in administration, by prioritizing the wellbeing of the teachers in his district. 

Heath has won numerous awards for his time as an educator, including the honor of being the 2006 Principal of the Year in Maryland, the 2011 Superintendent of the Year, and AASA’s 2012 National Superintendent of the Year. The changes he has implemented have produced increased graduation rates, test scores, and community involvement with the education system at almost every school and school district he’s worked for.

Today, Heath Morrison is the superintendent at Montgomery Independent School District in Montgomery, Texas.

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